Q. What happened to Handmade Harvest?

A. After years of juggling multiple email addresses and website domains, I (Emily) decided to combine my two main businesses: Handmade Harvest and Hello Yellow (my handmade-loving retail shop). It’s a self-preservation thing.

Q. When and where do Cheerfully Made Markets take place?

A. Our markets likes to move around, but you can always shop handmade at our retail shop Cheerfully Made Goods. (72 Mill Street, Almonte) All the details pertaining to our current shows can be found under Upcoming Shows.

Q. How many exhibiting makers will there be?

A. The number of makers we can accommodate depends entirely on our location. On average, we host between 60 and 150 vendors.

Q. I don’t live in the Ottawa area. Can I still apply to be in the show?

A. Absolutely! Cheerfully Made Markets are open to anyone who lives in Canada, makes awesome stuff by hand and wants to be part of our scene. This isn’t your everyday craft show. We want original. We want funky. And sometimes you’ve got to leave town to get it.

Q. How do I become a vendor?

A. Simply visit our Become a Vendor page and meet any application requirements before the due date. We typically send out our call for vendors 2 months in advance of each show.

Q. Can I mail in my application instead of emailing it?

A. Unfortunately, no. To keep things consistent and to make it easy for our jurors to view all applications equally, we can only accept submissions via our standardized form. We do not want you to drop of samples. We just can’t manage so many physical items.

Q. What does it mean the show is juried, and how do you make your decisions?

A. In order to keep this a top notch event, the show is juried. We review everyone’s complete application and then make our choices based on several factors:
– How your items fit in with our vision for Cheerfully Made Markets
– The quality and uniqueness of your wares
– The overall cohesiveness and consistency of your work
– How your items are represented in your photos/website
– Our need to diversify the crafts available at Cheerfully Made Markets as well as keep the craft show new and fresh.

Q. Why is this event juried? And who are the jurors?

A. In a nutshell, quality control. We know what we like and we know what we don’t. We’re also getting pretty good at knowing what our shoppers want. The jurors vary per show and include CMM founder Emily as well as a minimum of three other anonymous parties.

Q. Will I see any crocheted toilet paper covers at Cheerfully Made Markets?

A. No. No you will not. Unless they come back into fashion. Then heck yesssssss!

Q. How much does it cost for a table?

A. The cost per exhibitor changes depending on the show and is indicated on our Become a Vendor page. In addition to the table fee, vendors are asked to donate (small) handmade items to be used in our swag bags as an advertising tool. Quantity to be determined with each show.

Q. What kind of item do you expect for the swag bags?

A. Swag bag items don’t need to be overwhelming. They can be something as simple as a coupon to drive shoppers to your booth, a button advertising your brand, a sample of your product, or more. Our favourite swag bag item was a single earring donated by a maker at a previous show. In order to get the pair, each shopper had to visit the maker’s booth, resulting in a great amount of sales for this individual. Get creative, and use this opportunity promote your goods!

Q. What does the fee and the donated item(s) get me?

A. The fee covers your space (either a table or cordoned off area determined by pipe and drape. TBD in advance of each show) and all advertising and promotional materials before, after and during the event.

Q. How many shoppers come to the show on average?

A. Our previous shows have brought as many as 4000+ shoppers with approximately $35K-$45K spent in the day. We encourage our vendors to be prepared for a crowd.

Q. Can I join with a friend?

A. In the interest of keeping the look and feel of each exhibitor’s space cohesive, we do not accept shared applications.

Q. Can I apply for two booth spaces?

A. Unfortunately, because we continuously receive more applications than we can accommodate, we have to limit one table per exhibitor. However, feel free to let us know if you would like additional space and if it comes available it’s all yours.

Q. When and how will I know if I’m accepted?

A. You’ll be notified by email on or before the date indicated in the Call for Crafters whether or not you’ve been accepted into the show.

Q. As a crafter, what am I responsible for bringing?

A. Table covering, display items, pricing signage, swag bag items and a cheerful disposition.

Please direct any further questions to Emily at hello@cheerfullymade.com